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Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

What Is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics programs that measure, collect, analysis, track and report to decide the effectiveness of your campaigns, is not just for process of measuring the powerful tool of business market research.

We expertise in google analytics program, use to measure and track the visitor’s behavior such as users, page views, sessions, click through rate CTR, medium, referral, device, demographics and more to increase conversion.

Why Web Analytics Are Important?

Web analytics determining chance that customer will buy a product, also identify the customer purchased product in the past. Personalizing the site to an audience who visits it repeatedly.

Observing metrics and demographic(age, gender and location) of visitors. Also provide which specific product, or service has the most and the least customer visit.

This can help to improve goals to promote specific product or service and find which products a specific customer interest the most.

In addition, web analytics tracking the events, which playing videos, click buttons, submissions forms, newsletter fill up, etc., so you can easily made up conversion.


How Web Analytics Work?

Analytic tools ‘tag’ all the webpages from the site by inserting snippet of java script code.

After inserting this tag, collect information of the audiences such as page views, click-through-rate, device, medium (social media, email, etc.,), OS, location, gender, age and more via user’s IP address.

Cookies to track users session and repeat visitors from the same browser.

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