If you have got a WordPress website, and you retain your blog updated, you most likely want to spread the word through the web. A good place to start is Facebook. Each time you post a writing on your WordPress website, a link is automatically shared on Facebook.

Using plugin

Log into your WordPress dashboard. Enter your username and password.

Goto -> Plugins. This can be found on the menu on the left side of the dashboard. Click Add New within the menu.

Type “Social” within the search box. Find the plugin, that is probably at the top.

Click “Install now.” This button is usually at a lower place the plugin.

Click “Activate Plugin.”

Hover over “Settings.” this is on the menu on the left side of the dashboard. Click “Social” within the drop down.

lick the “Sign in with Facebook” button. this could be at the top of the page titled Social. A pop-up can ask you to sign into Facebook, and once you do, it will ask you for permissions to post to your feed.

Depending on what plugins you have got installed, you will see over Posts and Pages. Choose “Posts.”

Select “Pull in social comments from Facebook and Twitter.” this can be if you’d like to get reactions from your Facebook feed posted on your WordPress website.

Next to the “Post broadcast format” heading may be a text box that allows you to create the template for your tweets. There’s a listing of dynamic tokens you will use. you’ll be able to also add your own text.

Next may be a “Comment broadcast format,” that allows you to adjust the template for how social media comments post to your website. Like before, you will also select dynamic tokens to place within the template.

Grant permission by clicking the Authorize App button.

Save your settings. Once you’re happy with how the automated posts can look, you will click “Save Settings” at the bottom of the page