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Dashboard: sorry, you are not allowed to access this page

sorry, you are not allowed to access this page. Note: Before you do the every method get backup. 1) Go to Cpanel – > phpmyAdmin check your database name and table prefix is correctly appear ex: ‘wp_’ or ‘wpyourblog_’. if any of the table been changed renamed the correct one. refresh your page. 2) Cpanel…
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Move a WordPress website from Localhost to Live server?

1) Database setup Export Local Server Database local host -> phpmyadmin ->your database ->Export 2) Live Server setup Create DB Cpanel -> MySQL Database -> Create New Database & Add User then Select add user DB details Manage User Privileges -> select All Privileges ->Make Changes. Cpanel ->phpMyAdmin ->select Created database -> Import Sql (which…
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Tamizh DB Logo

Tamizh DB

 தமிழ் களஞ்சியம் தமிழ் களஞ்சியம் – Tamizh DB தமிழ் ஒற்றுமை வளர்த்திடும் மொழியாய், நல்லன கூறும் மொழியாய், உறவுகளை இணைக்கும் தமிழாய் என்றும் மூப்பு இல்லாத இளமையாய் வான் உயர்ந்து இருக்கும்.  தமிழ் களஞ்சியம் தொன்மை மறவேல்!

Advertise Your Website Business

Websites are important for any business to own because the web continues to drag in consumers in nearly every business. Your website does not need to include your rates, however it ought to include your services, examples of previous work, contact info, and supporting academic info like if you attended an online style programme of…
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Beginner Tips for Mobile App Developer

Choose one of the major platforms The major platforms are android, Apple, Windows and RIM(Blackberry). Android is that the dominate market, however Apple isn’t so much behind. One of these two would be a decent place to start. Use on-line development programs Apple offers the iOS Dev Center. In the center, you’ll read tutorials and…
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How to Get more web design clients

1. Offer and receive. This can be one amongst the simplest ways in which to earn new clients. offer organizations like a bit league team, or a squad, a free website build. thereon website, place “Designed by YOURNAME”. This provides a free form of advertising that helps to create a portfolio, that you may need…
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Creative and Effective Website Redesigns

Website Redesign Redesigning your website to take advantage of new opportunities and solve problems can be challenging. Different political groups jockey for position and new ideas get shouted down or lost due to employee popularity or ranking. A technique that can strip away these “human” factors can make a big difference when planning and strategizing.…
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RSS Feeds and SEO

RSS Feeds I have been requested normally if including RSS feed content material on your web web site helps enhance web page rank and internet site placement in the loose search listings. First we should take a look at RSS and if it’s proper in your net site. RSS is basically virtually easy Syndication written…
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Enhance Your websites performance

How properly is your website acting? Are you satisfied with the quantity of customers who view your website? Do you get sufficient business via your website? by way of reading this newsletter you’ll be in a position to do something about all 3 questions. It is all very well having a properly designed and appealing…
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Five tactics to enhance your website

As the substance of your organization to the world, a incredible internet site is an unquestionable requirement have to your enterprise. right here’s the way to make it appealing, as well as useful–for you and your institution of onlookers. everything starts with plan and lucidity. A first rate and clear internet site is a standout…
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