about us

About us

We have an innovative way of working, cost effective websites, offering lower prices than competitors. If you are looking to find good web design or SEO Service in Trichy definitely we are the one.

Our core service is SEO Service, SMM, SEM, web design and Development, eCommerce website, Graphics Design, Content Management System, Strategies and Web Hosting. which produces results that speak to our client’s target market.

The websites we produce, attract new customers and solidify relationships with existing customers. We do that by carefully choosing visuals and a design direction that reinforces the credibility of your business.

The websites we create are not just attractive and easy to navigate, they drive sales and target traffic intelligently.


A company’s brand is reinforced in every experience it delivers. We take seriously the expressions of brand we are responsible for conveying. We work with clients to create corporate identities that reflect their company.

For companies with an established brand and print design systems, we extend their message to the interactive environment and new marketing initiatives.


BSR Solutions has over a decade of experience with several content management systems. Utilizing our extensive experience with content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Yii, and Laravel.

We can quickly redesign or launch new websites that are easy to manage and search engine friendly. We can help you choose a system that fits your requirements and customize it so it accomplishes your goals.

Web Hosting

The web hosting market is constantly evolving so picking a reliable host can be difficult. Our experience has lead us to partnerships with some of the most reliable hosts available.

We can handle most hosting requirements or align you with the correct host and provide transition services so you can avoid as much downtime as possible.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a best way to retain your customers. Sending email marketing is quickly advertise your products and services boost your sales.

Allowing you to monitor systematically who received your email advertise, who clicked on it and most of all, who is interacting together with your email marketing advertise.

If you wish promote to boost your sales or announcing a special offers, email marketing solution is best for your business.

SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Service has become key tool from local business to large business clients to communicate with their customers.

Send your powerful text based Marketing ad to targeted audience reach and grow business in your area.

You can track your marketing ad reports in real-time, number of people who have subscribed every period of time. Look how much text is delivered to indicate your sms marketing ad by looking at how many text reach to people.

We are the best, fast and low cost to help improve your business goals make your SMS ad make more best results.